Tuesday, 17 January 2017

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Today is the last of my 5-day reprieve from counting the days of the month for 8-9 hours a day (literally, not figuratively--I'm proofreading calendars. Go ahead, ask me what day of the week Waitangi Day 2018 is and when all the Queen's Birthdays are). I should be being productive today, should mail out bill payments, finish other freelancing. But instead I'm being unproductive. I'm eating dark chocolate with oranges and almonds and playing with art stuff ^_^

Since I spend so many waking hours away from the house, I've been carrying my art supplies with me everywhere. The bare minimum gear is an 11x17 or 11x14 drawing pad for the comic, a notebook to work out plot and dialogue, a metal ruler, and a pen roll like this one or one of these. But also I like to take along a sketchbook for doodles and warmups, a roll of colour pencils, the Hobonichi I'd otherwise forget I have, my Peerless palette, and maybe some Copics. Now that I've been digging out the old-school watercolours too, the bag is getting crowded and heavy and people are giving it the side-eye. And I keep losing my wallet and Metrocard in there and missing the train.

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"There's nothing I enjoy as much as a jolly catastrophe"
—J. G. Ballard

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