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I notice that I'm always out of steam at the end of the month/beginning of the next and there's usually a gap in posting new comics or art. I should try to compensate for that going forward by building in a buffer earlier in the month.

Kickstarter update:

Three more days left, and the goal is very close! If you can think of one other person who might be interested ancient Roman melodrama, curly-haired heroes (curls show you're strong!), and of course a scattering of bears (this kind and this kind), send them there!

On Tuesdays I usually help out with the weekly new comics delivery at Carmine Street Comics--and between that and staying up all night Monday (working and drawing), I fell asleep yesterday before finishing a new comic in Chapter V. One of the things that kept me up all night with my brain churning was working on ideas for a Mus & Menander art print. I don't want to depict these two characters always in saucy poses. But I'm feeling sentimental about them not getting much time together (whose fault is that? the volcano, that's who, not me, I just tell the story), and that always makes me want to show them being cuddly.

And in conclusion: Birthday Bear! )
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10 days left and $3300 to go in the SPQR Blues 10th Anniversary book Kickstarter. I'm feeling optimistic! Rah!

I'll be working on the next comic and some sketches today while guzzling caffeine at a Starbucks and maybe also eating food at some point, seems wise, we'll see. It's October so there'll probably be pumpkin-on-pumpkin-bread pumpkin-seed sandwiches on the menu.

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No shading on this one (for now). The computer ate my homework again (crashed and mangled a project that was due today), and even with the backup I have to redo a lot of work. It's slower the second time through, since I have to be careful not to skim now that I'm not looking at it with fresh eyes. ARGH.

But: hey kids, comic!

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"There's nothing I enjoy as much as a jolly catastrophe"
—J. G. Ballard

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