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For now, just this one row of talking heads (oh, talking heads, you are so easy to draw). I'm working on the continuation. (Could it be more talking heads? The anticipation!)

I'm already weird/wired early in the morning (it's very early as I'm type this), and I haven't even had any caffeine. Must be spring.

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New comic, inked and lightly shaded.

Posting here, on spqrblues.com, and a little bit early on Patreon. Next, I plan to post a Friday comic. After that--maybe a regular schedule again?

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New comic!

(No further commentary at the moment; I have to hurry back to work :) )

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Chapter V: LXXVI

Friday, 28 April 2017 10:30 pm
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It might take me a while to do the shading on this one, so here it is in, um, the nude.

ETA: I've swapped in the final version (with the inks-only version below).

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Time to try posting a comic entry here!

Some were already posted on LJ, but the more recent ones didn't make it there. I still need to tweak the page layout here to display the comics more tidily, but it looks like everything's working.

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With the confusing new LJ user agreement situation and some confusing concerns about restrictions on LJ content, I had decided to update the comic only on spqrblues.com and Pateon going forward. Some folks suggested transferring everything over to Dreamwidth, so I'm working on that even as I type. (This has definitely been a bonanza for Dreamwidth...)

If the import works, the new address will be spqrblues.dreamwidth.org. I'm hoping it successfully transfers all the comments too. I would hate to lose all the great conversations we've had over the years. I'll update here s few more times to let you know what's going on with the new location.

I really really hope all of you here will come read SPQR Blues on the other site(s). A lot of you have been along with me on this story a very long time, and I'd like you to stay with it to the...whatever the end may be :)

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At some point, I seem to have decided that learning about and using authentically ancient paint pigments and other art materials is more interesting than, say, not poisoning myself so as to have a long, non-Van Gogh-style life. I reason: I won't ever have any children to raise and I don't have to worry about them licking my paint; I won't be able to afford retirement in any case; I'm generally grumpy and irritating and annoyed about life anyway. On the other hand, not poisoning myself would give me a little longer to create more, less toxic art. It's a conundrum.

OK, not really.

I'll be bunny-sitting next month, and nothing is going to be around the bunnies that I wouldn't lick or breathe myself, so that will make me behave for a couple of weeks. Mad Scientist Food Experiments will resume for a while. Before bunny-time starts, I want to get in a few more paint experiments.

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At this rate I'll actually fill a sketchbook. It's been a while since I've done that.

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Felix swears, he really did have help in that battle that time.

(click to see larger...)

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I'm making my way through the pages of that Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook and, y'know, I don't hate it. It's ok. One good thing about it has been that, because it's been such a challenge to see whether it can live up to its hype, I've been filling the pages with test pieces, instead of being too timid to "ruin" the book by doing art wrong.

This sketch took me a while to figure out, and the pencils were erased many times before the page was inked then the light wash was put on. The paper held up extremely well to all the erasing, and although it seemed to buckle a lot with the water, it's flattening out. Not completely flat, but no worse than the previous pages.

I was going to watercolour the whole thing, add in more Felix-y details, and include Venus in the drawing, but started liking it as is. Of course, he might see Venus anyway. It's hard to tell with him.

Alternatively, he might be describing a fish that got away....

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Hmm. This just dredged up a memory. Once when I drew something and didn't completely define each finger, the editor said it looked like the character's fingers had been "fused together in a horrible industrial accident." I'm not bothered.
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